Sussex exhibition challenges 'you're playing the race card' phrase as part of black history month

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Black artists are displaying powerful and varied images to challenge the phrase 'you're playing the race card'.

The exhibition at the Greenhalf Studio in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex is designed to challenge the dismissive response.

25 artists have taken part in the display exploring themes of racial abuse but also celebration.

"I feel proud and humbled" says project founder Claudine Eccleston who says the event highlights the need to tackle racial inequality, "it shows this dam is too high and there is a lot more water to come."

Tatenda Michael Maanyarara used the format of an opticians chart for his piece

Tatenda Michael Maanyarara used the format of an opticians chart for his piece to deconstruct the derogatory and offensive terms that are used against black people,

"Each letter makes a word that black people have been called to label them as less than human.

"And because of that, I put this to say, even though that is what they say I am, I am more than what they say I am and more."

Femi Dawkins' piece recalls the pub game Aunt Sally Credit:

Femi Dawkins' artwork recalls the pub game Aunt Sally which traditionally had a black head on the top of the skittle to be knocked down.

"Even though the head is no longer there, and the intention perhaps is lost on ignorance, it still exists as on Sally and so that's why it's there."

Dorcas Magbedelo's work called 'Anita' Credit:

Dorcas Magbedelo's work called 'Anita' meanwhile takes a vibrant and celebratory theme,

"My work is about joy and about black women experiencing joy. And I don't think that I have to show happy, smiling person all the time, but I think that you can get that sense of freedom, that sense of being completely comfortable in yourself."