Neighbours save dog in house fire caused by electronic baby monitor

021122 Wantage fire Meridian
The fire was caused by a faulty electronic baby monitor that was left on a bed Credit: Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

A faulty electronic baby monitor is said to be the cause of a house fire in Wantage.

Crews from Didcot and Abingdon were called to reports of a blaze in the upstairs of the semi-detached house.

Upon arrival, crews found the fire in the first floor bedroom and smoke pouring out of the blackened windows.

The fire was quickly put out and the smoke was cleared using a high pressure fan.

The alarm was raised by neighbours, as the family was out at the time. Credit: Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

Crews said the blaze was started by an electronic baby monitor that was left on the bed.

Incident commander Jon Walker said: "We cannot stress the importance of not leaving electric devices unattended near combustible surfaces".

Luckily, the family were out at the time of the fire and the alarm was raised by people living close by.

The family dog was rescued by neighbours before the fire service arrived, so no one was injured.