Plans to turn former Sheppey Light Railway into 'greenway' for cyclists and walkers

  • ITV Meridian's Abigail Bracken spoke to campaigners about plans to revive the Sheppey Light Railway

Plans to create a cycle path and walking trail along the route of the old Sheppey Light Railway are being revived.

Campaigners say the eleven mile path would create a safe and sustainable route across the Island.

The Sheppey Light Railway operated between Queenborough in the West of the Isle of Sheppey to Leysdown in the East. It was open for less than 50 years and closed in 1950.

Local campaigners like Linda Brinklow now want to create a 'greenway', for cyclists and walkers, on what's left of the old route.

But most of the old railway line is now privately owned, has been built on, or is used for farming.

Campaigners say they will change the route of the greenway where it is not now possible to follow the old line.

But one critic of the plans says that building a new cycle path should not be a priority.

Cllr Bill Tatton, Swale Borough Council, Independents First said: "There are no rails, no sleepers, no telegraph poles, no nothing. And if someone said, 'oh, we would like to do this', well, firstly we'd like to see a pavement built."