Coldplay and Bastille help Brighton boy to release new charity single after undergoing brain surgery

  • Watch ITV News Meridian's Sarah Gomme speaking to Ravi and Gbenga.

A new version of The Greatest Showman's A Million Dreams has been released by a group of musicians led by 7-year-old Ravi Adelekan and his dad from Brighton.

It's a year since Ravi underwent life saving brain surgery to remove a tumour, and this recently recorded song, is a marker of just how far he's come.

He said: "I asked mummy what could be the silver lining of my brain tumour and she said lots of things and thing that I wanted to do was a music video."

Following his ten hour operation Ravi began his journey to walk, feed again and return to his passions, including music, an interest he shares with dad Gbenga, who is himself, the bass player in the band, Metronomy.

Ravi wants his new single to become this year's Christmas number 1. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Gbenga said: "You can tell, I think, it's a very genuine thing and Ravi has approached his challenges with a real positivity that's very inspiring."

And Gbenga has enlisted the support of some equally talented friends who have helped put together this charity single together, including members of the English pop band Bastille.

The release of Ravi's version of A Million Dreams is set to raise awareness and money for two charities, the Brain Tumour Charity and brainstrust.

Ravi's dad said: "Navigating the system was quite tricky for us once we left the hospital and those two charities were very supportive with that."