Southampton man who punched victim so many times his eye came out of its socket is jailed

171122-Abdi Foinsiyo-hampshire police
Andi Foinsiyo told officers he 'punched him up properly', pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent. Credit: Hampshire Police

A man who punched his victim so many times his eye came out of its socket, has been jailed.

Abdi Foinsiyo from Southampton was threatening a man in his 60s outside a flat in Kent Street in February this year.

The victim was on the phone to the police when Foinsiyo entered the victim’s flat, took the phone off the man and said he was ‘going to kill this person’ before hanging up on the call.

Foinsiyo then continously punched the man in the face for more than thirty seconds.

His victim tried to escape twice and was punched repeatedly in the face again before managing to run out of the flat the second time. The man has been left partially blind.

Officers arrived at the scene within minutes and arrested Foinsiyo.

He told officers: "I punched him up properly, I used my fist, I don’t need knives".

DI Christian Reid-Milligan, who led the investigation, said: “The victim was so badly injured that his right eye came out of its socket and he has since lost vision in that eye.

“While the damage Foinsiyo did cannot be undone, I hope this result shows our dedication to reducing serious violence in Southampton and demonstrates we will support victims and get those responsible to court.”

Foinsiyo pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent.

He was sentenced to two years in prison and a had a restraining order against him for his victim.