Sandhurst mum felt 'closer' to dead teenage son after jumping out of plane with his ashes

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A bereaved mum has said she felt 'closer' to her teenage son after skydiving with his ashes strapped to her chest to raise money in his memory.

Ethan Treharne, who was from Sandhurst, tragically died of brain cancer at the age of just seventeen in November 2021.

He had been studying for his GCSEs when he started to experience slurred speech and severe headaches.

A hospital scan revealed the shattering reason behind Ethan's symptoms: he had a 4cm mass on his brain.

The whole skydiving team Credit: BPM Media

The teenager was on a strict regime of 26 tablets a day and underwent three gruelling operations, as well as having radiotherapy and chemotherapy, before passing away surrounded by his family.

After being 'inspired' and 'humbled' by Ethan's courageous reaction to his devastating diagnosis, his Mum Nikki decided to do a skydive with family and friends accompanied by his ashes to raise money for brain tumour research.

The big day finally came around on Saturday 12th November, and Ethan was with Nikki every step of the way.

Ethan Treharne, who tragically died of brain cancer aged seventeen Credit: BPM Media

Nikki and her fifteen-strong team managed to raise £6000 towards research into brain tumours like Ethan's, with the ultimate hope of finding a cure.

Nikki said: "It really felt like he was there with us - even though he’s always with me really.” People have said we were all really brave, but Ethan went through much more than we did and was so much braver.”