Kent parents gather at Gillingham's Medway Maritime Hospital for World Prematurity Awareness Day

  • Watch ITV News Meridian's Glen Thompsett reporting from the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham.

A young couple from Kent who recently lost twin boys, returned to the hospital that helped them through their heartbreaking experience.

Lauren Jewiss and Paul Burr joined other parents at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham for World Prematurity Awareness Day (17 November).

For Lauren and Paul and thousands of others in a similar situation, they say the care and comfort they received from the staff at the Oliver Fisher Baby Care Unit was second to none.

Helen Gbinigie, Natal Consultant, said: "We look after the medical care of the baby as well as support the family for them to be a part of their baby's care right from day one."

The 17th November was World Prematurity Awareness day, an event to highlight the challenges of pre-term birth. Credit: ITV News Meridian

The hospital also has a new piece of equipment to help with the birth of premature babies.

With this new 'Lifestart' machine, staff can now offer optimal umbilical cord management to all pre-term babies, something that's become part of their everyday routine practice.

Suzanne Thake, Senior Practice Development Nurse, said: "Leaving the cord attached to the placenta when babies are delivered for up to a minute has lots of health benefits for pre-term babies.

It reduces mortality rates by up to a third so, once the baby is delivered, this unit allows us to give the baby some rescue breaths to start resuscitating."