New records set in Sussex Christmas tree throwing competition

  • WATCH: The winner in the men's category, Tadas Zakevicius, taking part in the tree throwing competition

Competitors have taken part in a tree throwing championship in Battle, East Sussex.

In order to win, participants at Catsfield Christmas Tree Farm had to throw a large Norway spruce as far as possible.

It was the second time the event has been held. Each competitor had three attempts, with the best male and female winner each receiving £100.

The male winner, Tadas Zakevicius, threw a tree a distance of 9.20 metres and the female winner, Vicky Reeves, threw a tree 5.64 metres - both setting new records.

  • The winners spoke about their involvement in the championship:

Tree farmer, Clive Collins said: "We had a lot of festive fun last year and it became quite competitive.

"Practise makes perfect and if you don't have an old tree you could always try using a brush or mop to sharpen your technique. Having said that, if you just want to turn up and just have a throw you are more than welcome."

Last year, David Elias from St. Leonards won the competition with a throw of 9 metres, which has now been beaten.