Andover musician pens football anthem he hopes will carry England to World Cup glory

  • ITV Meridian's Natalie Boare speaks to Dan Parkinson from Hampshire who's hoping his World Cup song will capture the heart of the nation.

A session musician from Andover in Hampshire has written a football anthem he hopes will carry England to World Cup glory.

Dan Parkinson came up with the catchy tune called We'll Never Have To Sing Anymore after his dad suggested the idea.

Dan says: "It was mad really it all happened quite quick. My Dad messaged me one night ... and said I've just had a thought no one has written a World Cup song yet this year and I replied and said I was going to but I haven't really had the inspiration to do it.

"Then I went upstairs and got the guitar out ... and then I was like this is it I'm going to have to write this song now."

It took just four days to write and produce the song and Dan got six of his friends involved to play instruments, sing and generally just have a good time filming the video for it.

Dan hopes people will be singing it for years to come. "I think you need something people can sing along to, he said.

"That's the key, easy words to say and just stick as many chorus' in as you can."

Dan, who plays an array of instruments including drums, guitar and keyboard, says he has been overwhelmed by the response to the track.

"If I could get somewhere like 'Vindaloo' that would be great. It's really been so amazing, people who I haven't spoken to in years, people from school, have messaged me saying 'I just heard your song on YouTube and my kids are singing it', it's been so nice to hear that."