Christmas presents, energy generators and food leaves Berkshire for Ukraine

  • ITV News Meridian's Natalie Verney was there as the lorry set off

A 20 tonne lorry, carrying energy generators, vital food supplies and Christmas presents, has left Hungerford in Berkshire and is making its way to the Ukraine-Polish border.

The project, Power Ukraine, has been raising funds for generators.

It has been set up by the charity UK to Ukraine which began the campaign a month ago.

Onboard there are 70 generators which will go to people who have no power in the country.

They will be used to pump water, cook food and heat homes.

As Christmas approaches, people have also made up shoe boxes filled with presents for children which will be distributed once there.

Olena Golovtchouk, liaison between Ukraine and UK, said: "It's very cold in Ukraine and people are left for up to 48 hours without heat, electricity and water.

"Generators, warm clothes and toys for the children are essential at the moment.

"It made me cry early in the morning seeing the children packing the toys for the children to send to Ukraine."

Farming business Cefetra Grain has collaborated with Hovis, Allied Bakeries as well as the charity UK-to-Ukraine to provide flour, bread and other food supplies.

Simon Wilcox, Cefetra Grain, said: "I think we all watch the news and it's easy to get blasé about it and blank it out but actually the reality is there are a lot of people suffering out there.

"We're about to head into the winter and the Christmas period and people are without power, lacking food and resources and it's great to have that opportunity to step up."

The three-day journey will also see an 18-year-old newly-qualified driver take to the wheel to help out.