Fury after Newhaven secondary puts shutters on some toilets to stop pupils using them during lessons

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A Sussex school has installed shutters on some of its toilets to stop pupils using them during lesson time.

But the shutters have sparked fury among some parents who believe it goes against children's rights.

In an email sent to parents, seen by SussexLive, Seahaven Academy in Newhaven confirmed that shutters are in use to prohibit entry to the communal toilets during lesson time.

A petition has now been set up to get the shutters removed, arguing that they pose a health hazard for some children who may feel unable to use the toilet as and when they need.

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In the email sent to parents, the Academy said: "The communal toilets will be open before school, during break and lunch and after school. They will be closed during lesson time.

"During lesson time the individual toilets, located next to the hall, will be open for students that need to use them. Students have told us these toilets are a better environment that they prefer using during lesson time."

It is not known how many toilets have had the new shutters installed, but they were brought in during an INSET day at the school on Friday (November 25). The individual toilets not subject to shutters will remain open during lesson time for those that need them, the school said.

So far, the petition to get the shutters removed has received 62 signatures and counting, after being set up a day ago by a concerned parent.

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One person who signed the online petition labelled it "a crazy idea" while others were quick to argue that using the toilet is something the children should be able to do when they want. Another person who signed the petition claimed this had made them "upset and angry".

A spokesperson for Seahaven Academy said: "There are toilets open and available for students to use at all times throughout the school; including during lessons for those that need them.

"Like any good school, however, we have processes in place to ensure that, during lesson time, students are focused on learning in the classroom. We thus only have individual toilets available during lesson time. This has worked well across the school and our students understand the reasons why we use this approach."