CCTV footage captures moment Oxford's traffic-reducing bollards are set alight by vandals

  • Watch as vandals destroy traffic-reducing bollards in Oxford. Credit: Oxfordshire Liveable Streets

CCTV footage of the moment vandals set traffic-reducing bollards alight has been released by a group of residents in Oxford.

It shows the bollard in Howard Street being set on fire, drivers driving over it and one person ripping it out of the ground and walking off.

Vandalism towards the LTNs is an issue which has raised concerns amongst campaigners.

Zuhura Plummer, Campaign Director for Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, said: "It makes me feel really sad and it makes me feel really frustrated.

"It is vandalism, it's destroying public property and that's paid for by our taxes.

"Much more than that it's kids who are used to going to school down that road, they've gotten used to it maybe learning to ride a bike and the bollards been taken out and a car drives straight through.

"And what I worry about is one day somebody being really badly hurt or killed because a bollard has been taken out."

Vandalism towards the LTNs is an issue which has raised concerns amongst campaigners. Credit: ITV News Meridian

The Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) bollards were implemented in the county in a bid to stop motorists using residential roads as a rat-run, and to encourage people to walk and cycle more.

The damage caused by vandals to the county's bollards has cost the council almost £73,000 to repair with residents slamming the congestion they have caused.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) made by ITV News Meridian to Oxfordshire County Council shows the installation costs for the LTNs was £143,340.27.

The repair works up to the end of October cost the council £72,628.41.

Meanwhile the bollards have caused frustration for locals who have complained about the increased congestion they have caused.

St Clement's congestion Credit: Peter West

Maggie Brown, resident, explained a journey that would take people 20 minutes to do now takes more than an hour.

She said: "I just can't begin to tell you how upset I am about it.

"It's the most selfish thing that has ever been brought into Oxford.

"I've lived here for 73 years, I have loved living at the bottom of Morrell Avenue, we overlook the park it's been beautiful.

"Along came the LTNs. I say selfish because the people in the quiet roads, of course they're all for it.

"Live in Morrell Avenue, we get pollution every single night from traffic piling up from the bottom of Morrell Avenue right to the top."

She added: "My health has deteriorated big time - this time last year I was in the gym, I was swimming.

"I was the fittest 73 year old you've met and now I can't even climb up the stairs without losing my breath."