Gang of masked burglars carrying crowbars filmed targeting homes in Hampshire

  • ITV Meridian's Rachel Hepworth spoke to homeowners targeted by a gang who broke into properties.

A gang of five burglars, who were masked and carrying crowbars, have been filmed targeting properties in Warsash in Hampshire.

Security cameras captured the moment they tried their luck along an affluent road in the area.

Cameras at one property scare the gang, who flee

At one house, CCTV scared them off - but one homeowner was not so lucky.

They managed to break into Georgina's home, ransacking it and taking irreplaceable jewellery.

  • The intrusion has left Georgina's family terrified.

Their own cameras picked up the masked burglars running through their garden, then, 20 minutes later, walking out, carrying bags.

The family was out on the school run at the time. They returned to find the top floor had been turned 'upside down'.

Among the items stolen were rings belonging to her grandmother and designer goods, watches, and cash.

She and neighbours say they're shocked it could happen on their quiet road.

Georgina, homeowner, said: "I feel hugely violated by them being in my house. It's terrifying. I don't like feeling vulnerable. But the thing that I feel the worst about is the children. They can't sleep at night. They're crying.

"They're terrified to be in their own home because they think there are men lurking in the shadows."

The gang are seen targeting several properties

They have turned detective, trying to piece together the gang's movements.

Roberto Fiorentino, a neighbour and security expert, said: "The whole community's come together with many of the neighbours looking into what information they've got and trying to help with pulling together a timeline. It is only this persistence that will slow this type of behaviour down."

Police believe the gang made off on foot towards the Warsash shoreline to a getaway vehicle or even a boat.

It would have been dark but the area is often busy with dog owners, so police hope someone may have spotted them and could even recognise the men, despite their faces being covered.

Police believe someone will know who the offenders are

Residents are now upping their security, reinforcing gates and fences.

Hampshire Police hope the CCTV will encourage anyone with information to get in contact.