Goose causes rush hour chaos in Hampshire as lane closed on M27 after it landed on motorway

Inrix reported the bird was a goose. Credit: National Highways

A goose has been causing traffic misery on the M27 motorway in Hampshire this afternoon, after it decided to land in the inside lane.

Concerned motorists reported the creature to the authorities, when it landed between Junctions 10 and 9 on the westbound carriageway.

The animal, seemingly not fussed about the cars and HGVs thundering by, then proceeded to potter onto the nearby verge.

Police and traffic officers attended the scene, where the bird was seen happily walking next to the crash barrier.

Inrix, the traffic monitoring service, reported it was a goose and that for its safety lane one was closed.

Meanwhile National Highways reported disruption is expected to last until 5pm, as the bird is removed from the carriageway.