The Last Word: December 2022

WATCH: The latest episode of The Last Word with ITV News Meridian's Political Correspondent Phil Hornby

As the political year in Westminster reaches an end after 12 tumultuous months, this episode of the Last Word looks at plans to abolish the upper chamber, the progress of England in the World Cup and the politics of the tournament.

The Tories plans to row back on housebuilding targets in the South also features as well as the cost of living and the strikes, and what damage the latest Harry and Meghan offering for Netflix could do for the Royal Family.

To discuss all this:

  • James Sunderland, the Conservative MP for Bracknell

  • Angela Smith, Baroness Smith from Sussex - the Leader of the Labour Group in the Lords, and 

  • Stephen Lloyd, the former Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne