'Southgate Terminal' - Cutout version of England coach on display at Gatwick airport

  • Watch ITV News Meridian speaking to the 'owner' of Gareth Southgate's cutout at Gatwick Airport.

Excitement is building across the South ahead of England's crunch game against France in the World Cup tomorrow evening.

One dedicated fan is showing his support by displaying a cutout version of Gareth Southgate at Gatwick Airport.

Dan Armstrong, from local community group 'Spotted Crawley, said: "Gareth is a Crawley boy, he went to school in Crawley, his parents worked and still live in Crawley.

"He's a local hero to us, I believe he should be a national hero. His record cannot be beaten by anybody at a major tournament.

A cutout version of Gareth Southgate is on display at Gatwick Airport. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"People love it, it brings smiles to their faces. Some people don't appreciate him, we've had a few USA fans in the terminal who weren't particularly happy but he's a national treasure. We can only hope that this worries France fans too and Gareth can get the right game plan.

"In the early group stages there was a lot of criticism of Gareth for not starting Foden, for not playing Rashford but he knows what he's doing. He's a tactical genius. No matter who he plays on Saturday, I firmly believe that they'll give their all.

"Gareth wouldn't be the same without his Crawley upbring."

Supporters are hoping he can steer the England team to victory in the quarter final match against France who are the reigning world champions.