'Mystic Meerkats' from Sussex predict England win in World Cup quarter finals vs France

  • Meerkats choosing the winning team. Credit: Drusillas Park

'Mystic Meerkats' at Drusillas Park in Sussex have predicted that England will win their World Cup quarter final against France tomorrow night.

The group has previously correctly guessed the results of the Three Lions' key football games including England's match against Senegal, Euro 2020 and the Women’s World Cup.

The team at the park used two buckets of treats - one with England's flag, the other with France's - and the meerkats chose which bucket to eat from.

The one with the most meerkats is the winner. And this time, the meerkats have chosen England to win.

Zoo Keeper Jacinta Dawe said: “Our team love getting into the spirit of the World Cup and so it’s been great to get behind the squad and show our support. Although we wish both teams luck on Saturday - it would be amazing for England to win as the meerkats have predicted!"

“They sometimes take a while to settle on a decision with some meerkats in each bucket, but today they are full of optimism and confidence as they went straight for England and France didn’t even get a look in. My favourite part is seeing their little backsides poking out from the buckets!”