Dorset Police appeal for witnesses after driver rams cyclist off the road in Poole

  • Watch ITV News Meridian's Richard Slee speaking to Don Codman.

Dorset Police are trying to identify a motorist who chased a cyclist and intentionally used his car to knock him off his bike. 

Don Codman encountered the angry driver when he was on his way to a doctors appointment in Poole.

After a few words were exchanged, Don found himself being chased along Northmere Road into Sancreed Road where he was then rammed from behind.

Dorset police are investigating and are examining CCTV from a bus.

  • The incident was captured on a residents' CCTV.

Don, who was treated for his injuries in hospital, says the driver chased him after he had knocked in the car window and told the driver to stop using his mobile phone.

Don said: "What happened here two weeks ago is really quite shocking. A motorist using his car as a weapon, knocking a cyclist off his bike."

"I saw his car lights coming round the corner and I though just what is happening here?"

The incident was witnessed by local resident Lisa. She said: "The first thing I heard was all this honking and screeching and then I opened my curtain and it was quite appealing to see that a car had managed to hit someone and drive off."