Five stunning frost pictures as winter's icy blast makes its mark on southern England

It was -5 when Andy Pattenden took this snap of Corfe Castle in Dorset Credit: Andy Pattenden

Let's face it, November felt like the tropics compared to the weather we've experienced over the last few days.

With lows overnight well into the minuses and talk of the 's' word potentially making landfall in the south of England it does feel like winter is now well and truly here.

The sub-zero temperatures has lead to a hard frost with people getting out their cameras to capture this icy blast of weather.

Here are four more postcard perfect photos which caught our attention...

Look at that skyline with Corfe Castle in the background Credit: Andy Pattenden
Hastings Pier looking VERY chilly Credit: Peter Norman
Icicles on every leaf in this photograph by Ginny Boxall Credit: Ginny Boxall
Charlton Marshall, North Dorset Credit: Colin Lennox-Gordon