Bear cub rejected by mother explores new Kent home

  • WATCH: Boki explore his new home at the Wildwood Trust

A bear cub, shunned by its mother at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, has taken his first steps at a new home.

Boki has been welcomed by the Wildwood Trust near Canterbury where he has 40 acres of ancient woodland to explore with some new companions.

The 10-stone bear cub was hand-reared by keepers after his mother rejected him when he was 3 months old.

Simon Jeffery, Animal Director, Port Lympne Reserve said: "We were in a situation where we have looked after him and got his welfare going and stuff and everything, but we know he needed social interaction and the best way forward in the best way for his welfare was to try and find somewhere else for him."

Boki made the 22-mile journey to the Wildwood Trust, where keepers have he will eventually live with the bears next door.

Paul Wirdan, Head Keeper, The Wildwood Trust said: "This is the opportunity he will have to integrate with other bears and learn how to be a bear. Essentially he's semi-hand raised, he's very used to people and he needs to learn to be a bear and he'll get that from following other bears."