Hampshire man 'owes his life' to neighbour's dog after getting stuck in car footwell

  • Watch ITV News Meridian's Nicki Woodcock speaking to Morris Cohen.

A man from Hampshire says he owes his life to his neighbour's dog who raised the alarm when he became stuck in the footwell of his car.

94-year-old Morris Cohen fell backwards when his walking stick snapped. He spent almost 24 hours in the freezing cold, until Roger the Jack-A-Poo came along.

Morris had been there all night, unable to move and hypothermia was beginning to set in. The dog stayed by his side until his owner came along and called for help.

Morris said: "They told me in the hospital that another few hours later I would have been a goner because of the cold. Thank you is not enough. How can you thank somebody who saved your life? That dog definitely saved me there's no argument about it, no discussion about it. Without him I'd be gone."

With the rest of his family away on holiday, nobody could hear his desperate calls for help. Credit: ITV News Meridian

It took three men to get him out of the car and he was taken to Bournemouth Hospital where he spent the next 10 days recovering.

Frances Wall, Roger's owner, said: "He's always been a nervous little boy so I'm surprised he did that really.

"When people go away, if they leave somebody at home, young or old, just let a neighbour know. Otherwise he might not have been here now."

Morris wants Roger to be recognised with an award for his actions which meant he could be at home with his family this Christmas.