Puppy found abandoned on New Year's Day now helping to fight crime in Surrey

Report by ITV Meridian's Juliette Fletcher

Cocker Spaniel Chester was one of six puppies found abandoned in a cage on a grass verge in Hersden, near Canterbury on New Years Day.

Now, Almost a year on, he's helping to fight crime with Surrey Police.

The four cocker spaniels and two terrier cross-breeds were taken to the RSPCA's Canterbury & District Branch where they were fostered while new homes were sought.

But staff at the centre noticed Chester's energy and sniffing skills and put him forward for training with Surrey Police.

Handler PC Kim Hackett says Chester surpassed all expectations.

After an intensive six week course, Chester qualified as a sniffer dog - his job is to sniff out electronic devices.

When he finds one he freezes, alerting handlers to his find and then as a reward he gets to play with a tennis ball!

Rescuers believe the puppies may have been abandoned by a breeder who failed to sell them over the Christmas period. They've all been re-homed.

Now Chester supports officers in their crime-fighting, across Surrey and Sussex, and enjoys every minute of his very busy life.