'Miracles do happen' - Woman thanks Sholing community after missing cat is found for Christmas

Bonnie is now at home recovering. Credit: Helen Lois Hill

A woman from Southampton has thanked the local community for helping to find her lost cat in time for Christmas.

Helen Lois Hill appealed for help on Facebook after her cat Bonnie disappeared. She has since discovered that Bonnie had been hit by a car in the Lordswood area of the city.

Luckily a local resident spotted her limping into the bushes following the incident, and took her to a local vets.

Bonnie suffered a broken back leg, and sadly had to have it amputated but owner Helen has said she is now home and 'eating well, purring, and wobbling about like a very drunk old man.'

Posting on Facebook Ms Hill said: "For anyone following Bonnie, she is home.

"She was involved in an RTA on Sandpiper Road, Lordswood, and had a broken back left leg. A lovely lady saw her.

Members of the local community helped search for Bonnie when she went missing. Credit: Helen Lois Hill

"She tried to run and limp back into the woods, but the lady followed her, scooped her up, and took her to Christopher Carters vet, who immediately got in contact with me through the power of microchips.

"From there she spent the night at Beech House emergency vets and early next morning, I transferred her to my vets.

"She had several broken bones, so I took the decision to have her back leg amputated.

"Another precious animal hit by traffic and driver didn't stop.

"Who knows how long she sat by the side of the road wet though in terrible pain until an angel helped her.

Bonnie suffered a broken leg after she was hit by a car. Credit: Helen Lois Hill

"She is the luckiest little cat in the world. Last year she disappeared for 12 and a half weeks, and another angel photographer her by the bushes outside Hollywood Bowl in the city centre.

"Pawboost alerted me to her whereabouts. All she lost then was a lower canine tooth.

"This time not so lucky, but she is eating well, purring, and wobbling about like a very drunk old man.

"Love to everyone who helped look in the SO19 community, but I think she was in Lordswood not long after she went missing.

"Never give up hope, ever.

"Miracles do happen.

"Happy Christmas and thank you everyone."