Woman with blood clots forced to wait in a chair for four days for Medway Maritime Hospital bed

Sandra Yeman was left sitting in a chair at Medway Maritime Hospital for four days. Credit: ITV Meridian

A man from Sittingbourne says his wife has been left in tears, cold and hungry, after being forced to wait four days in a chair for a hospital bed.

Sandra Yeman, 77, was admitted to Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham on Sunday, with suspected blood clots in her spleen.

She first called 111 as she was suffering severe abdominal pain and vomiting, but following an appointment at Minster Hospital walk in GP clinic, doctors advised her to go straight the the Medway Emergency Department.

Sandra was finally moved onto a trolley on Wednesday, and was given a ward on Thursday. But her husband David says staff at the hospital told her she was the longest waiting patient they had at that time.

He said: "When I spoke to her she was in tears, in desperate pain, she's cold, she's not being fed properly.

"The staff were doing all they possibly could, but there was just too many people and too few staff.

"They moved her round into what is normally the day care centre, where each little room has six or seven patients sitting in chairs. She was put on a trolly, but there was no bedding or anything.

"There's so few staff, that some of the relatives are helping those patients who don't have any relatives with them."

  • David Yeman says the hospital staff are under immense pressure

David has now packed up clothes and blankets for his wife to help her keep warm, and Sandra was moved to a ward on Thursday afternoon. (5 January)

"People will have to be taken out of the hospital to alleviate the bed situation, so that she can have a bed and receive the treatment she needs."

The hospital's Chief Executive says its emergency department is very busy at the moment and apologised to patients experiencing long waits - saying staff are doing everything they can.

David Yeman packs blankets for his wife who currently has no bedding in hospital. Credit: ITV Meridian

In a statement issued on Thursday Chief Executive of Medway NHS Foundation Trust Jayne Black said: "We are very sorry for Mrs Yeman’s experience.

"We continue to see unprecedented demands on our Emergency Department services.

"Our staff are working tirelessly to ensure all patients are seen as quickly as possible.“The public can help to ease the pressure by only attending our Emergency Department if you have an immediate life-threatening need.

"However, it remains important that anyone needing emergency care dials 999, and the public use 111 online and local pharmacies for other health issues and advice.

The Chief Executive of Medway NHS Foundation Trust has apologised to patients who have experienced long waits. Credit: ITV Meridian

"The Trust has launched the Call 4 Concern service to enable inpatients staying at Medway Maritime Hospital, and their friends and family, to call a dedicated number 24/7 for immediate help and advice directly from a member of the Trust's Acute Response Team if they still have ongoing concerns about their own or their loved ones changing condition despite raising their concerns with the nurse in charge or doctor.

"The service can be contacted on 07799348608. Alternatively, for any other concerns please contact our PALS Team on 01634 825004 or email medwayft.pals@nhs.net."