Fareham van driver wakes up to two flat tyres as CCTV catches crafty fox chewing them

  • A fox was captured by CCTV chewing car tyres in Hill Head, Fareham.

A van driver from Hill Head in Fareham, woke up to an unpleasant surprise in the first week of January.

CCTV captured a crafty fox chewing through the vehicles tyres during the night, leaving two of them completely flat.

Owner Dave White managed to take the vehicle to a garage in Titchfield that said it looked like the tyres had both been stabbed, possibly by a screwdriver.

It's believed most of the damage was done to the right front wheel with the fox coming back a few times.

Dave said: "Both front wheels were flat to the rims in the morning.

"The one on the other side front was worse.

"We then checked our camera and saw, and the fox came back a few times.

"After googling it seems this isn't the first time foxes have attacked tyres, but it's not a bill you need in the first week of January!"