'We've probably got another month left' - Wokingham Cafe's anger as work to fix sinkhole is delayed

Work to fix the sinkhole was supposed to completed this month but repairs have been delayed even further. Credit: ITV News Meridian

Businesses in Wokingham say they may only have weeks left before they will need to close after work to fix a sinkhole was delayed.

It's been three months since the hole opened up on Evendons Lane, swallowing up a tanker which was carrying out repairs on a collapsed sewer.

Local traders say the work has caused huge disruption, with the diversion meaning businesses aren't getting the number of customers they're used to.

Nic Lander from the Kimel Cafe said: "We've probably lost a third of our sales.

"A lot of people are now going straight into town rather than coming down our road.

  • One local business says it's only got another month left due to the road closure.

"We've lost just over £8,500 so far. Before the closure the cafe was going from strength to strength but it's now causing us chaos.

"We've probably got another month left and then that's it."

A Thames Water spokesperson said: “We’re sorry to businesses and local people who have been affected by the road closure and diversion on Evendons Lane, while we continue to repair a collapsed sewer pipe.

"In October and November last year we held drop-in sessions to address any concerns they might have regarding the ongoing work and we connected local businesses with our claims team.

It's been three months since the hole opened up, swallowing up a tanker which was carrying out repairs on a collapsed sewer. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"This dedicated team is able to address any concerns the owners may have regarding loss of income.

“Completing the job safely is our top priority and our teams are on the ground seven days a week to make the necessary repairs.

"In November we advised there may be additional work in January 2023 given the complexities around this job and our work at the site is ongoing as we continue to fix the sewer and ensure the area is safe for road users and residents.

"We will continue to engage with local people updating them on the work.”