Baby Driver: The scheme that lets children as young as four behind the wheel

This report by ITV Meridian's Juliette Fletcher

Children aged between 4 and 17-years-old have been given the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car at the Bicester Scramble in Oxfordshire.

The aim of the Young Driver Motor Cars scheme is to teach basic road skills that will make teenagers safer drivers later on.

It also hopes to educate them about how future motor vehicles can be an environmental force for good.

To date, 1.1m youngsters have been through the programme, which claims to reduce accidents by 75%.

Under 10s were given the chance to drive the UK's first all-British EV, the Firefly Sport. Credit: ITV News Meridian

At the event, the under 10s were given an introductory lesson in a specially designed electric car called the Firefly Sport.

Managing Director of Young Driver Motor Cars (YDMC), Ian Mulingani, said: "Firefly Sport is a fully-fledged, scaled-down motor car. Being electric and looking like a junior supercar, it also aligns with the type of vehicle that children see themselves driving when they pass their test.

"And it's precisely this kind of engagement we need at our Young Driver training centres to start them on a journey towards improved road safety - and ultimately, preventing unnecessary road deaths.

"But we're also proud that Firefly Sport will be this country's first all-British electric vehicle, when you take into account not only where it's manufactured, and the team responsible for its creation, but also that its components are sourced from here, too."

Older children aged 10 and over, were given the chance to drive a dual controlled Vauxhall Corsa with a fully qualified ADI driving instructor.

The lessons took place on private land, which had been developed into a realistic road system complete with road signs, junctions and car parks.

8-year-old Connie said: "I've had a lot of fun. I'm here because my dad really likes cars, it's one of his favourite things and I do like cars too."

Elliot, 7-years-old, said: "It was my first time driving and it was really fun."