Eastenders star Adam Woodyatt 'coached' by soprano Lesley Garrett for My Fair Lady

Eastenders star Adam Woodyatt has revealed he's been getting singing coaching from world famous soprano Lesley Garrett, as he stars in the hit musical 'My Fair Lady.'

Adam, who played Ian Beale on our TV screens for decades, says, "The last musical I did was 42 years ago so I've been having to relearn how to do things.

"But I've had a very good coach (Lesley) who says I need a 'diva diaphragm'."

Set in London in 1912 'My Fair Lady' is a rags to riches tale. Cockney flower seller Eliza Dolittle takes speech lessons from Professor Henry Higgins so she can pass as a lady.

Now the West End musical has come to The Mayflower theatre in Southampton.

The hit musical is at The Mayflower theatre in Southampton Credit: My Fair Lady UK & Ireland tour

Lesley Garrett CBE, who has performed for royalty on a number of occasions plays 'Mrs Pearce.' She says "It's heaven" getting to perform in My Fair Lady, a story she has been a huge fan of for a long time.

"The first time I starred in My Fair Lady was when I was at school , when I was Eliza, 50 years ago... but when I did it at school I wore my gym teacher's wedding dress, but this is the most lavish and wonderful production I think I've ever been in", says Lesley.

Throughout the show there are dozens of costume changes and the set revolves.

Lesley added: "You have to be watching your back all the time in case a lamp-post goes flying by, but the set that I inhabit, the household, is just a work of art."

Lesley Garrett CBE plays 'Mrs Pearce' Credit: My Fair Lady UK & Ireland tour

The stage show is full of all the classic songs from the 1964 film starring Rex Harrison & Audrey Hepburn.

Charlotte Kennedy who plays 'Eliza Doolittle' says she was overwhelmed when she got the call to tell her she had got the part.

"It was the most surreal experience ... I think the music means so much to people, there are so many amazing numbers."

John Middleton says they get standing ovations every night Credit: My Fair Lady UK & Ireland Tour

John Middleton, is 'Colonel Pickering' in the show. The actor who played Reverend Ashley Thomas on ITV's Emmerdale for almost 20 years, says "I can guarantee... that every time we've done it we've had a standing ovation at the end.

"Everyone is on their feet, therefore it's joyous to be in."

My Fair Lady plays at The Mayflower Theatre until the 29th January.