Abandoned micropigs found tied to a post in New Romney in need of new home

  • Watch report by ITV Meridian's Tony Green

Two abandoned micropigs are looking for a new home after they were found tied to a post by the side of the road in Kent with baling twine.

When a driver passed the pigs in New Romney, he stopped and gathered up the animals and took them home.

The following day he took them to the Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary outside Canterbury.

It's the first time in the sanctuary's 38-year history that micropigs - bred to be small and treated as pets - have ever been brought in.

Margaret Todd from the animal charity said the pig pair were probably pets as they were friendly and showed no signs of being badly treated.

The abandoned animal are yet to be given names. All potential owners' homes will be checked for suitability. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"I think it was a case of somebody took them on because I thought they were really, really cute, which they are and felt that they need look more looking after than I expected," she said.

"Or it could just be you know a lot of people we just couldn't afford the cost of looking after them."

Many animal sanctuaries are seeing a surge in animals being brought in with some saying that they are full.

At the Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary, which got its name from a family pet Jack Russell terrier, they have seen a rise in the number of lurchers being brought in.

The charity has seen a lot of lurchers being brought in Credit: ITV News Meridian

Charity staff can't be certain the animals are micropigs but suspect that's what they are.

The two pigs have not been named with the sanctuary searching for a new owner who wants to take them on.

Potential pig owners will have their home checked for suitability.

Anyone interested can contact the sanctuary on its website or facebook page.