Pensioner whose £3,000 funeral fund was stolen, dies from cancer

  • WATCH: Terry Price spoke to ITV Meridian in November 2022 and gave his reaction to the fundraising donations

A pensioner from Kent who had thousands of pounds he had saved for his funeral stolen, has died.

Terry Price, 66, had terminal cancer and was shopping on Saturday 12 November when the money was stolen during a break-in.

The £3,000 in cash was taken from a tin at his home in Ramsgate, which he kept under his bed.

A fundraising page was set up by his neighbour following the break-in.

More than £8,500 was raised to replace the money for his funeral and wake.

Speaking in November, Terry said: "I've been saving that money ever since I found out about my illness in 2019. I just thought I had to because I didn't want the burden of my funeral on any of my relatives."