Scared and hypothermic badger who was cowering under a car in Oxford rescued by local animal charity

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A badger whose sett was flooded and then frozen solid in the sub zero temperatures has been rescued from a car park in Oxford.

Staff at a car dealership in Botley spotted the creature which was hypothermic and tempted him to safety with biscuits, before he was rescued by a local animal charity.

He's now warming up at a wildlife rescue centre before he can be returned to the wild.

Julia Hammett, from the Oxfordshire Badger Group, said: "He was a little bit distressed. He was quite cold. He's obviously been hungry. His sett was flooded and it's also frozen. So he had nowhere to go. And obviously, the badger here found high ground by coming into this area and hid under a car in the car dealership here."

The young male is now recovering at Nutkin Ward near Banbury.

Staff at the adjacent car dealership in Botley spotted the badger hiding among their vehicles, and came up with an ingenious way to keep him from scarpering while animal rescuers arrived.

Hannah Kerfoot, who helped rescue the badger, said: "He then moved to another car and we used cardboard to kind of corner him in so that he couldn't go anywhere else. It's weird. I've not really gotten up close personal with a badger before, so it is weird, they're quite big."

After being coaxed to safety with some cookies, the young male is now recovering at Nutkin Ward near Banbury, where he's been named Biscuit after his favourite snack.

Julia Hammett said: "The badger is doing very well and he's had a good meal. He had two bowls of food last night and he's nice and warm and as soon as the he's feeling better and the flood has subsided, we will actually release him again to where he to his home."