Warning to stay away from Dorset cliffs made famous by Broadchurch following rockfall

The collapse occurred at West Bay this morning (18 January). Credit: West Bay UK

A "significant" rockfall along the Jurassic Coast has blocked a section of beach.

People are being advised to avoid the area after the collapse at West Bay in Dorset.

It happened at 11.30am this morning (18 January).

No-one is thought to have been injured.

The public is being urged not to attempt to clamber over the pile. Credit: West Bay UK

Posting on Facebook, Dorset Council said: "Please stay away and do not attempt to clamber over the pile.

"You would be putting yourself and others at risk.

"The heavy rain we've had over the last few weeks has made cliffs right along the Jurassic Coast unstable and more prone to rockfalls.

"Do keep away from the base of cliffs and if walking along the top of the cliffs walk well away from the edge."

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