Shocking footage shows woman being hit twice on zebra crossing

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Shocking video of a woman being hit twice on a zebra crossing has been shared by villagers desperate for the road to be made safer.

In another incident, on the same crossing at Lowford near Southampton, a lollipop lady was clipped by a car which failed to stop.

People there say urgent action is needed before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Hampshire County Council says it will be reviewing the incidents to consider whether any interventions could be put in place to improve road safety at the location.

  • CCTV footage shows woman being hit twice by seperate vehicles on the crossing

Jackie Carrington, who was hit first by a van and then by a car on the crossing, broke her wrist in the incident.

She works in an office which is directly opposite the zebra crossing.

She said: "I was on call that night and I was the only one in the office and I'd left, just come out the office, come to the zebra crossing and I stopped to let a car go past, I thought it was all clear so I walked and next thing I knew a van had bumped me and I'd fallen back.

"I couldn't stop myself so I landed on the ground and then another car come, I felt something banging into my shoulder, didn't know what it was, I looked and I could see it was a car kind of pushing me out the way so my legs were like I was trying to stand up but obviously I couldn't and then he drove off, the van drove off."

The crossing at Lowford near Southampton.

Richard Habgood lives in Lowford and drives children with special educational needs to school.

He's been monitoring the zebra crossing and said: "It's very dangerous and it happens too often, I would say it happens to them once a week.

"The crossing needs to be made more prominent, it needs to be lit, or traffic lights or moved."

When asked what he feared would happed if nothing is done, Mr Habgood said: "More injuries or worse, it can't get much worse than what it is but people are in danger."