'Three chest infections in one month' - Mother fears for children in mouldy Hastings house

  • ITV News Meridian's Tom Savvides meets Adama Sanyang to discuss the mould and damp in her house

A mother-of-three from Hastings is worried that the health of her young children is at serious risk because of mould and damp in her house.

Adama Sanyang said her family has been struggling with the problem for two years and one of her children has had three chest infections in a month.

She said: "In my house, we've got three asthmatics and my little one suffers from severe allergies.

"And at the moment we are sharing bedrooms because I can't let my children sleep in a bedroom full of mould."

Adama says the damp and mould have been a problem for two years.

Adama does all she can to get rid of the mould, even getting rid of curtains, but believes that specialist intervention is required.

She said: "I can't tell you how much money I've spent (on cleaning). I keep cleaning and in less than a week it comes back. Seeing mould around my house is really upsetting for me."

Housing association, Southern Housing, says it will send a surveyor to investigate the problems.

Southern Housing said in a statement: "We will take immediate action to follow any recommendations the surveyor makes.

"Our staff remain committed to doing all they can to help Mrs Sanyang and her family."