Kent residents describe being kept awake by 'nightmare' industrial work at London Gateway Port

A £350 million pound berth is currently being built at the deep sea port on the Essex side of the river.

Residents across the north Kent peninsula have described the impact the sound of heavy industrial works on the new London Gateway Port is having on them.

A £350 million pound berth is currently being built at the deep sea port on the Essex side of the river.

However, the noise and shockwaves from pile-drivers is leaving people stressed and struggling to sleep in Strood, Gravesend and Cliffe which are about three miles inland.

Craig Freeman, who lives in Cliffe, said: "It actually woke one of my children up and they thought it was someone banging on the door.

"And then to go through it the next night as well it was just absolutely ridiculous.

"It's just a nightmare really because you have to trap yourself inside just so you can hear yourself think."

David Simmons, another resident, added: "The situation last week especially if you'd have had young children would have been awful because not only the 'thump thump' it was the vibrations as well. It was really loud.

"It's a lot better now. I would say it's 70% better now."

A spokesperson for DP World explained: “We are urgently reviewing with our contractor what more we can do to further minimise any inconvenience to local residents.

"The construction project is a vital £350m investment in a new fourth berth at our London Gateway logistics hub which will boost the local economy, bolster supply chain resilience and increase capacity to accommodate the world’s largest vessels.”

Ian Gilmore, Head of Regulatory and Environmental Services at Medway Council, added: "We are looking into the concerns raised by residents and we are liaising with Thurrock Council to see if there is anything that can be done to limit the impact of the works.

"We would encourage residents to continue reporting noise complaints to us, through our website -"

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