Video shows dramatic A29 Pulborough landslip as Sussex residents describe embankment collapse chaos

Tap to watch a video report by ITV News Meridian's James Dunham

Video footage has been released showing serious subsidence of an embankment affecting a key and vital road in southern England.

The collapse happened just before Christmas on part of the A29 and the council has now warned it could be a few more weeks before the road is temporarily reopened.

The ground conditions have moved since December 28th, trees are at risk of being brought down and to add to the repair job...a sewer drain was also damaged.

For people living in Pulborough in West Sussex the diversion route is causing lots of congestion and there are safety concerns too.

The road closure is causing a great deal of frustration Credit: ITV News Meridian

Juliette, a resident who didn't want her full name to be shared, says signage is not fit for purpose and told ITV News of her house's very near encounter with an HGV lorry whose driver had been caught out by the closure.

"It's really, really stressful. I had a juggernaut trying turn round and nearly back in the house. I was shaking with concern about that because it's just safe".

Another local, Mazi, said, "it is quite dangerous, the traffic is coming up at a hell of a rate."

"A lot of older people use this path and I don't think it's fair that all this heavy traffic should be coming up this road at all".

Frances Elworthy wants on-street parking restricted to allow all the extra traffic to flow freely along her residential road.

"Some of the cars mount the pavement and one mother had to push her child out of the way as the car showed no sense to slow down.

"I've had a car park immediately on the complete pavement outside my house. We get horrendous congestion each way.

"I understand why these people have got to use this road and the surrounding roads in the area, and I think they're probably as fed up with it as what we are. They have no choice.

"The problem is the constant all day parking."

Frances has even had somebody park on her drive Credit: Frances Elworthy

Businesses are being impacted too. Debbie Chapman works at a petrol station on the foot of the road closure,

"Trade is cut in half at least. It's ridiculous. We've got no passing trade now. It was coming up from the hill and coming over...and a lot of people won't come here because they've got a long way to go back again."

Matt Davey, West Sussex County Council assistant director of the Highways, Transport and Planning team says the road will not reopen until it is deemed safe again,

"I really do sympathise with the people that live particularly on those routes that have been used mostly as an unofficial diversion to avoid the closure on the A29.

"We are constantly reviewing the routes that are being used by traffic, so we're doing more frequent inspections to make sure that the roads are kept safe.

"And we're working with the county councillor to ensure that anything that we can do to make the roads more viable as an alternative route.

"So we're going to look at what parking restrictions are on those routes. We will look at what restrictions are there at the moment and see if there's anything that we can do to make it easier for those people that are living on those routes to cope with the change in the traffic volumes."