'Manchester is red' - University of Reading reveals climate data ahead of FA Cup 4th round

Sun shining on Old Trafford. Credit: Richard Sellers/EMPICS Sport

Climate data from the University of Reading has shown that Manchester and the rest of the country is warming rapidly.

Ahead of the FA Cup 4th round tie at Old Trafford, Professor of Climate Science Ed Hawkins calls for football to reduce its carbon footprint.

Hawkins has had Reading's climate stripes of red and blue feature on the Royals home kit this season.

University of Reading Professor of Climate Science holding Reading FC's kit for the FA Cup 4th round round fixture. Credit: Reading FC

Ahead of the match this weekend, the Professor has created new warming stripes for Manchester.

He said: “These new, specially produced climate stripes show the city used to be blue, but now Manchester is red.

Although this might sound good to United fans, it’s nothing to cheer about.

The band of deep red stripes at the far end of Manchester’s image show how the city’s climate has heated up over recent years."

Climate stripes for the cities of Reading and Manchester Credit: University of Reading

Earlier in the month, Hawkins had to add another deep red stripe to show the increase in temperature over the past year.

2022 was the warmest year for on record for the whole of the UK, including both Reading and Manchester.

He added: “This should be a cause for alarm, but not alarmism. If you think how hot 2022 was, and then realise that those 12 months will likely be one of the coolest years of the rest of our lives, I think we will regret not having acted sooner on these warnings."