Firefighters use treats instead of specialist equipment to get dog out of mud on the Isle of Wight

No need for specialist equipment as firefighters use treats to get Ted the dog out of mud. Credit: Friends of Freshwater Fire Station

Firefighters arrived fully prepared with specialist equipment to release a dog that had got stuck in mud on the Isle of Wight.

Ted, an 11-month old retriever, had taken a dip in water near Yarmouth Mill when he was caught out by the sticky conditions.

Unable to get him out, his owner sought the help of firefighters from Newport and Freshwater.

They managed to coax Ted out of the mud by offering him treats coupled with some gentle persuasion.

Ted the dog is safely out of the muddy water thanks to the treats offered by the firefighters. Credit: Friends of Freshwater Fire Station.

Ted was reunited with his owner, who gave the crew a round of 'a-paws' for the rescue.