Mysterious road signs 'baffle' motorists in Winchester by directing drivers to park in 878 AD

The signs have appeared around the one way system in recent days and not many people know why. Credit: ITV Meridian / Harry Acton

Words by ITV Meridian Journalist Harry Acton.

A series of mysterious road signs, which have appeared in recent days in Winchester, are seemingly directing motorists to park in the past.

The AA branded signage, which can be seen in various locations around the city's one way system, appears to advertise parking over a thousand years into the past - long before much of Winchester would even exist.

Parking is a regular problem for motorists in the city centre, and usually council officials urge people to use services such as the park and ride, or public transport, rather than travel in time.

If motorists were to achieve the amazing feat however, they'd find themselves in a time when King Alfred goes up against The Vikings in a pivotal moment in history.

The event opened in November, but the signs have only recently appeared. Credit: Hampshire Cultural Trust / ITV Meridian

It is no surprise then that despite the slightly misleading nature of the signs, time travel hasn't made its way to Britain's former capital.

Instead drivers who follow the signage correctly will end up in The Brooks car park, which does actually put them within walking distance of a medieval experience.

If you head upstairs you can find an event, put on by Hampshire Cultural Trust and Ubisoft, who have partnered to create a virtual experience which simulates how the city would have looked in 878 AD.

Using technology from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla visitors will find themselves transported into Anglo-Saxon Winchester, on the eve of the Great at the Battle of Edington.

Would be discoverers can then step into the streets of Winchester and use an augmented reality app to reveal the rich history of the city.

So if you are planning on visiting, perhaps consider travelling as was popular in the 9th century, which was on two feet.