Mum fears ceiling will fall in again as she claims mouldy flat gives daughter chest infections

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A furious mum has called on a housing association to relocate them following her daughter’s fourth chest infection caused by the mould in her bedroom, she claims.

Shannon Fenner, 26, first complained in 2018 after her ceiling collapsed in her flat. A similar incident happened last year forcing the family to move to an emergency accommodation for a day.

More than four years since moving to the flat on Hamble Road in Tonbridge, the mum is now unable to use the wet room and has to clean the black mould on her walls every two weeks to protect her two daughters from getting sick.

Shannon said: "It's just not nice seeing her so unwell all the time. Missing out on nursery as well. Every single time she gets it she gets worse and her temperature spikes up to 40 degrees, which obviously she has to go into hospital for when that happens."

Shannon Fenner, 26, first complained in 2018 after her ceiling collapsed in her flat.

Shannon is having to travel to her mum’s house with her two daughters, Evie-Belle, six and Daisy, two, to take a shower or a bath.

Last week, Shannon said she came home to a ceiling full of water marks and she is now worried her ceiling will collapse a third time. Shannon added that her six year-old daughter is scared of the ceiling falling on her.

The property is owned by Clarion Housing, the UK's largest housing association with 125,000 homes nationwide.

She said: "I just feel like they're not rectifying the problem. They're just trying to cover up the problem and say they fixed it when they haven't. The ceiling still could fall because it's so wet on on the ceiling. And my six-year-old is terrified. Like when she comes in, she runs into the far corner of the front room."

Clarion Housing Group who run the block has apologised saying: "Our team visited the property this week and the wet room will be replaced with a bathtub. The leaks will be resolved before the installation. We take every case of damp and mould very seriously and our contractors have booked mould treatments for the affected rooms."