'Might as well use Lidl now': Tesco Whiteley customer blasts change at store

The shop is popular in the Whiteley area. Credit: Google Maps

A Tesco shopper has blasted a change at their local store which they say sees long queues form at checkouts.

The customer, who uses the Whiteley branch in Hampshire, said they only shopped at the store because they would open a staffed checkout when queues formed.

In a recent shop they claim they were told that the store is now 'prioritising' self service tills instead of conventional checkouts.

In a Facebook post the shopper wrote: "If you don't mind waiting in huge queues or using self serve for a full trolley of food this is the store for you... might as well use Lidl now."

Supermarket chain Tesco has purchased the Paperchase brand and intellectual property for an undisclosed sum Credit: PA

It led to a heated debate in the group, with one person urging people to think of the staff at the store.

"Can you all just take a moment to remember that the staff are doing what they’re told", one wrote.

"Being nasty or shouting at them doesn’t help, they don’t make these decisions it’s the big bosses."

The original poster then replied saying she didn't get mad at staff at all and did ask to speak to a manager about the situation.

"I did ask to speak to a manager but none were available! I came home and complained online, would have preferred to write a letter but couldn't find an address. Will take my business elsewhere."

Another shopper chimed in adding that their experiences at the store have always been pleasant.

"Shopped in this store today and no queues at all at the fully manned checkouts (lunchtime'ish!).

"Perhaps you may wish to make a few visits to see if your experience was simply a one-off?"

However another customer agreed with the original poster saying: "It was the same on Saturday, absolutely packed at the tills and when customers commented on it staff said "it's a normal Saturday".

"It was not normal, I'd never seen Tescos like that before. I won't be using the store if it continues. Awful policy."

The criticism from customers follows significant investment by the supermarket chain in its staff in early 2022.

At the time Tesco announced it was prioritising staff and giving them more hours.

In a media release the chain said: "Today, we are announcing a significant investment in our colleagues, through a substantial increase in base pay, an extension of the colleague discount allowance and new training and technology to upskill colleagues, giving them more flexibility in their work and potential to access more hours.

"Our colleagues are at the heart of our business and their skills and capabilities have enabled us to deliver for our customers through the challenges of recent times. Our future success depends on our colleagues and our commitment to them has never been stronger."

ITV Meridian has contacted Tesco for comment on the conditions at its Whiteley store.