Brides-to-be 'left in tears' after Lympne Castle cancels dozens of weddings

  • ITV News Meridian's Megan Samrai reports on the wedding plans thrown into chaos after Lympne Castle was sold

Brides-to-be say they have been 'left in tears' after an historic Kent castle cancelled dozens of weddings.

Staff at Lympne Castle, near Hythe, sent out emails to couples, stating their bookings could no longer be honoured due to the change of ownership.

The decision has left many struggling to find an alternative location, with very little time left. 

Emily Madley's wedding was just seven weeks away when she found out it was cancelled. She labelled the venue 'disrespectful' for how it broke the news to couples.

Emily Madley was sent an email by Lympne Castle to inform her of the cancellation. Credit: ITV News Meridian

"It's just so impersonal for all these brides to just get an email basically saying that your wedding's cancelled," Emily told ITV Meridian.

"No phone call, no nothing.

"I was obviously lucky to even get a phone call because I pestered them. I literally just broke down in tears, I didn't know what to do."

Emily was told by Lympne Castle that the new company 'might' honour her wedding, but says she didn't want to take the risk.

She was left having to tell guests who already booked hotels that the wedding had been reorganised.

Bride-to-be Rebecca Dittrich feels they've been treated 'horrendously' by the venue.

She said: "The old owners have been absolutely terrible in how they have handled this.

"I don't know who they are but it's been an almost inhumane experience for me."

Rebecca Dittrich said some brides found out about the cancellation through her Facebook post.

"This is one of the most stressful times in your life and all you get is a 'cancelled, done, goodbye, no you're no longer my problem.'"

"They obviously didn't manage to call everybody on a Sunday because they have bookings until 2025, so brides found out through my [Facebook] post what was going on."

Lympne Castle refused to give an interview or statement as to why they've cancelled these weddings.

A message has been published on their website informing people that the venue has been sold, all events have now been cancelled and a full refund will be issued to all customers.

This is what couples who visit Lympne Castle's website can see.

For couples that have found themselves facing last-minute cancellations, wedding planner Natasha Spencer has offered some guidance.

"The best advice would be to not to panic and to sit down to speak with the suppliers they have booked in and just do some research in other venues that you'd like to look at.

"Lots have gone on social media to say that they're here to help and to help support those couples that need a new venue."

Luckily, brides like Emily have been able to find a new venue but the closure has left couples scrambling to save one of the most important days of their lives.

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