Five arrests as thousands protest in Oxford against LTN '15-minute cities'

WATCH: Mel Bloor reports on the protests from Oxford

Police say they made five arrests after thousands of people joined a protest in Oxford against measures to shut off roads to motorists.

Campaigners gathered in Broad Street to demonstrate against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods ( LTNs) and proposed traffic filters in the city.

The controversial LTNs have attracted huge outcry since being introduced in the city last year.

Protesters gather in Broad Street, Oxford.

Their aim is to create neighbourhoods where 'essential' facilities are accessible by a walking distance of up to 15 minutes.

But those against the plans say they are an infringement of residents' rights and threaten the freedom of motorists, as well as affecting local businesses.

Previous protests have involved the destruction of bollards and planters, which were put in place by the council to block off roads.

A bollard, burnt to the ground Oxford last year.

Traffic filters are set to be trialled in six locations next year. 

There'll be no road closures but cars will be fined if caught driving through certain areas unless they have a permit.

Thames Valley Police say yesterday's protests proceeded peacefully, with an estimated 2000 people exercising their democratic right to demonstrate.

Five arrests were made for public order offences, but the force thanked the vast majority for acting responsibly.

Gold Commander for Operation Botany, Chief Superintendent Colin Paine, said:

“The demonstrations proceeded peacefully and I would like to thank the people of Oxford, and those who visited our city, for largely abiding by the law and exercising their right to protest peacefully.

Credit: TVP

“Five arrests have been made, but I am pleased to say that the demonstrations concluded with no significant incidents or major disruption.

“It is a testament to the Oxford and wider community of the Thames Valley that these demonstrations were peaceful, and we would also thank the public for their co-operation, patience and support throughout the day.”