VW campervan boxed in by scaffolding in Brighton could be trapped for weeks

Immobile home- The VW van won't be going anywhere for a while

A camper van has been caged in by council workers in Brighton who erected scaffolding around it in order to carry out building repairs.

Locals said the VW van had been parked up for some time, outside the Haus on the Hill pub in Southover Street.

Google Maps show the vehicle in the same position- minus the scaffolding- in 2020.

The van- in position before it was caged Credit: Google maps

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: "The scaffold has been erected to undertake essential roof repairs.

"Our contractor has been in touch with the vehicle owner and has been advised that the vehicle does not currently run, so is not moveable.

"The vehicle owner has signed a waiver indemnifying us against damage to the vehicle during the course of the work, but we’re obviously doing everything we can to try and limit any possibility of damage."