Ewe won't believe it! Bus driver saves lost sheep 'causing havoc' on A27

  • WATCH: The lost sheep 'caused havoc' as it blocked part of the A27

A rail replacement bus driver was met with an unusual passenger in Brighton after a sheep was spotted wandering on the A27.

Martine was on her way to Eastbourne on Sunday (26 February) for her first rail replacement service when she spotted a coach stopped with its hazards on.

The sheep then ran out into the road and "caused havoc for passing cars".

Being an animal lover, Martine immediately decided to pull over, put on her high-vis jacket and tried to wrangle the sheep to safety.

Driver, Martine Patey, took the sheep back to the local farm where it was loaded onto a truck. Credit: Brighton & Hove Buses

She said: "The sheep was running all over the road. It was difficult to catch, but then it slipped just in front of me and I was able to get hold of it and to use my handbag strap like a lasso.

"Two other motorists had stopped to help and together we were able to hold onto it until the police arrived."

The sheep then had a quick trip on the bus after the police asked Martine to take it back to a local farm.

It wasn't long before the farmer arrived and the animal was safely returned to his truck.

Martine was then able to complete her journey to Eastbourne, and despite the detour, only arrived one minute late.