Chemicals in Andover warehouse fire cause 'small explosions'

  • WATCH: A large number of firefighters are at the scene

A large warehouse fire has broken out on the Walworth Industrial Estate in Andover.

Around 100 firefighters from across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Berkshire were called to the two-storey building shortly after 10am.

The property was used as a furniture and paint store.

People were told to stay away from the site due to the large number of fire engines and equipment in the area.

Residents were also advised to close their windows and doors as there was a large amount of smoke.

Fire Officer, Matt Rowe said: "The roof was on fire as soon as we got here. It was a serious fire. We understood at that point that everyone was out and safe, so we were just mainly firefighting in the building.

"We believe it to be in a paint store, so there's lots of paints, glues and solvents in that area and there were also some gas canisters in there as well, so we've had some small explosions."

No injuries have been reported.

  • WATCH: Smoke can be seen pouring out of the warehouse. Credit: Simon Burt