More help needed for women veterans, says Kent-based charity

Abigail Bracken's report from Aylesford

A charity that supports veterans says more needs to be done to help women leaving the armed forces.

The Royal British Legion Industries, which is based in Aylesford in Kent, wants to build housing just for female veterans.

The RBLI has already spent £27million building homes for veterans at its Centenary Village in Aylesford.

Former combat medic, Vicky McLennan, is now supported in one of these new homes. She was one of the first 'boots on the ground' in Afghanistan and now faces daily challenges with PTSD:

The government has just announced a £30million pound investment in housing for veterans.

But that money might not go to the Centenary Village in Aylesford.

Veterans Minister, Johnny Mercer MP, visited the new housing on Monday 13th March and met with those the RBLI is supporting.

The RBLI says demand from veterans for homelessness support has increased by 45% over the last year.

The charity is now fundraising to pay for the final phase of its Centenary Village, which will pay for a community centre, IT learning suite and accommodation just for women.