'I've done a lot actually, more than I thought': Olly Murs on wedding prep

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Underwear and a three piece suit - just some of the strange gifts popstar Olly Murs has had from fans, as well as proposals.

But the singer is taken and has been getting involved in the planning for his upcoming wedding this year.

Olly says, "I've done a lot actually , more than I thought , I thought I'd be a typical man and I'd be like Amelia you crack on , you do it all... but I want it all to be good.

I think I'm a perfectionist ... so I do want to know what the flowers are like and what the cutlery will look like."

Olly is getting married this year to Amelia Tank Credit: PA

The hitmaker is on tour next month across the country and he's looking forward to being back on stage after having to cancel last year because of knee surgery.

"It's amazing , it's been a long time coming actually and I'm really excited to be back doing big shows. It's been a really crazy year or two with my knee and going through different surgeries and physio and lots of different changes with my body.

I've been on so many different training regimes but I'm in a really great place right now and the tour is just around the corner so can't wait to get back on it."

It's been 14 years since Olly burst on to our screens and auditioned for The X Factor.

Olly's new album 'Marry Me' went to number 1 Credit: PA

"I'm really proud of the fact I've been around so long. I think coming from a reality tv show ...people get their 15 minutes of fame and then they go and then the media is done with you , so for me to stay around as long as I have I'm really proud of that."

Olly's seventh album 'Marry Me' became his fifth number one album and he's been pleased with the fan response to his new music.

"It's been brilliant. I think for me, to get a number one album was a big thing. I really wanted to see if my fans were still around and they still wanted me make new music and that was proof that they do..."

Olly doesn't take any of it for granted though. "Any artist will tell you seeing and hearing fans sing your songs back is the best thing in the world because that's where you see your album come to life, that's where you see the joy that you give to your fans, and for me it's the best feeling..."

Olly has also been presenting the second series of Starstruck on ITV Credit: ITV/ Remarkable Television

He has also been presenting ITV's Starstruck and he became a bit starstruck himself when he met the new judge.

"Meeting Shania Twain on Starstruck was phenomenal. I remember being 16, 17 and watching MTV and Shania Twain was on there and I'd just think wow this is amazing... and then here I am presenting a show with her is pretty cool."

Last year Olly performed in memory of his friend Caroline Flack at Flackstock held at Englefield House in Pangbourne.

"I think for all of us it's a great moment to share her life but all of us would agree that having her here would be more amazing."

Olly is turning his attention to his tour which kicks off on the 21st of April. Fans can expect lots of new music from his new album 'Marry Me' as well as all the hits we all know and love.