Moment football fan's life is saved after suffering cardiac arrest at Brighton's Amex Stadium

  • Watch the moment Bob Whetton collapses at the Amex Stadium and staff save his life

A football supporter who suffered a cardiac arrest at Brighton and Hove Albion's ground has thanked the club stewards and medical staff that saved his life.

Bob Whetton, a Nottingham Forest fan, fell ill before a match in October last year, but thanks to the quick reactions of staff, Bob survived.

The 73-year-old Nottingham Forest had travelled to Brighton's Amex Stadium but was running late for kick-off.

He arrived on the train along with the Seagulls fans.

As they made their way to their seats, Bob made his way further around the stadium to the away seats, when he suddenly became aware he didn't feel right.

He said: "I looked around to see if there was anywhere I could either sit down or lean against. There wasn't anything I could find.

"I then recall taking two steps forward, and that's the last I remember."

The medical team arrived within minutes using one of 11 defibrillators located around the stadium.

  • Bob Whetton sharing his memory of the moment he suffered a cardiac arrest

"We could tell it was going to be successful because he started to wake up really quickly," Dr Rob Galloway said.

"We've had seven cardiac arrests at the Amex since it opened twelve years ago, and we've had a success rate of 100%.

"If you look at the statistics, the chances of one person surviving is around one in 20.

"For two it's one in 400, but if you go up to seven, the chances drop to 1.28 billion.

"It's not due to luck, it's due to having defibrillators, and having people trained in CPR.

"And this type of success rate could be replicated."

  • Dr Rob Galloway, an emergency medical consultant, speaking about the risk of cardiac arrest

CCTV cameras at the stadium captured the moment Bob collapsed. Now he is thanking the team who rushed to his aid.

He said: "I knew that I was in the right hands, and all I could do was trust in them.

"I'm in no doubt that had someone not spotted me very quickly and then three St John Ambulance volunteers come to attend to me then it would have been a very different outcome.

"But also we need to make sure that people know where those defibrillators are and that they know how to use them.

"These are literally life and death situations."

There are currently eleven defibrillators at Brighton's Amex Stadium. Credit: ITV Meridian

About 30,000 people in the UK have a cardiac arrest yearly, but only one in 20 survives.

There are 11 defibrillators at the Amex Stadium. 

Doctors say it should be possible elsewhere if a football club can improve survival after cardiac arrest.

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