Brick wall featuring Banksy mural removed from Kent house to be preserved

  • Watch the artwork and brick wall being removed

Work to preserve Banky's mural on the side of a house in Margate has begun, with builders removing the brick wall.

The piece, highlighting domestic violence, was named 'Valentine's Day Mascara' and appeared in Park Place in February.

The tenant was moved into a nearby AirBnb while the work was carried out.

The wall has been taken to Faversham where experts will treat the artwork to conserve it.

The tricky process involved propping the house up while the piece was cut out and removed Credit: ITV News Meridian

The artwork will then head to its final destination at the Dreamland theme park.

It was dubbed "the most talked about piece of art in the world" after it was partly removed by the local council.

Workers from Thanet District Council took away the discarded freezer and chair, which formed part of the piece, just hours after it was confirmed to be by the famous graffiti artist.

Council operatives put the freezer in storage and returned it to its original position after making it safe.

Security guards were hired in by the owner of the property to protect the Margate Banksy from vandals Credit: ITV News Meridian

In a statement from Red Eight Gallery and Dreamland Margate, a spoksperson said: "Banksy's artwork Valentine's Day Mascara has today been removed from its original location by a skilled team of professionals and taken to an art conservator in Faversham.

"There it will be prepared for its eventual installation at Dreamland Margate where it will be on display for the public to see.

"The date of the unveiling at Dreamland will be announced in due course.

"Julian Usher from Red Eight Gallery and Eddie Kemsley from Dreamland are delighted that they have been able to help the artwork's current owner achieve their dreams for it and look forward to revealing it in its new home at Dreamland."

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